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About our company


Our company late in 1969 under the name of Auto Rubber Industry Recep Tezcan and Rifat Tezcan subsidiary o-ring manufacturing operations began with the established .

Emerging technologies and changing market conditions, product range every day renew and to produce hydraulic sealants by adding (o-ring, seal, gasket, etc..) Production continued was.Progresive in firms bolts bolt vibration products, emphasizing the many industry suppliers has become.

(Automotive, textiles, agriculture, construction, automation, food, furniture, electrical, electronic, service industry etc.). Our technical drawings and samples according to the custom mold design itself is doing, and consequently, the production of NR, NBR, SBR, EPDM, CR , VMQ, Vito and many more types of rubber with the demands of our customers .Company special productions in 2005 with its own brand by registering ÜKS began marketing its products under that name.


Hard work and a better service, better quality, our goal until 2010 becoming corporate, debt, reflecting the production of certificates of quality management, employees and customer satisfaction as a global company can be gained.


On the basis of respect for society and the environment;

  • When the production quality and attention to trust.
  • Products to the market to provide high quality and competitive prices.
  • Valuing employees and offer them opportunities for continuous improvement.


  • Accuracy is always true in all cases and to be honest.
  • Quality: Continuous improvement to produce high quality products and not to never compromise on quality.
  • Speed: The team with the spirit of their products in the shortest time to reach their customers.
  • Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction to the forefront.

Images from the 2006-2007 Exhibition



Since the year 9001 01/01/2007 Our ISO: 2000 quality certification was awarded.

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