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Our company, Auto Unsal Rubber Industry with the name in 1969 established .Company production of o-ring with the production started.Growing technology and changing market conditions, the range of products every day renewal and production of hydraulic sealing products, add (o-ring, seal, gasket, coupling, piston seal, etc..) Production is .Company continued in 2005 with its own brand by registering ÜKS began marketing its products under that name.

Anti Vibration Products
Agriculture Products
Automotive industry
Cable Holder Gromets
Put Boxes of Equipment
Additional Axle Bellows
Piston Seals
Cilindirical Wedges
Machine Food Wedges


ÜKS is a registered trademark Automobile Industry ÜNSAL RUBBER BU

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What is rubber?

Rubber Raw Material Information - Types of Rubber

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